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Best of TGWTG Volume 4

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The DVDs are region free and will begin shipping on 5/4/2013.



New Review of Paranoia
The Review Must Go On (with commentary, Bloopers and outakes)

Ask That Guy:

Episode 67
Episode 69
New Continuation of Episode 69

Bum Reviews:

New Review of Django
New Review of Les Miserables
Amazing Spiderman
Wreck it Ralph
Breaking Dawn 2
The Hobbit
Hunger Games
Oz, the Great and powerful
Paranormal Activity 4
All the Christmas Specials


New Episode Megaman
New Episode Sub-Zero
Earthworm Jim
Simon Belmont

Demo Reel:

New Transformers Episode
Demo Reel Annoys Rob Paulson
Dark Knight Begins Rising bloopers and alternate takes
Wreck it Ralph bloopers and alternate takes
Lost in Translation bloopers and alternate takes
Blair Witch Hangover bloopers and alternate takes
Blue Patches bloopers and alternate takes

Malcolm and Rachel's audition
Malcolm and Rachel's Youtube videos