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Best of TGWTG Volume 1

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DVD Info:


What’s on it?

Nostalgia Critic Videos:

A BRAND NEW review of the Turkish version of Rambo entitled Rampage!

Transformers review

Transformers 2 review

Bebe’s Kids video game review

The end chase of the Casper review (with the unedited version attached as well)

The Cloverfield Trailer review

Holiday Clusterfuck

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book release

Spooning with Spoony (episode 2)

Tedy Ruxbin review


Bum Review Videos:

A BRAND NEW review of Paranormal Activity

A BRAND NEW review of GIJOE: The Rise of Cobra


Monsters vs Aliens

Citizen Kane

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Star Trek

Speed Racer


Youmacon Convention


Ask That Guy with the Glasses Videos:


As well as episodes 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 34, and 39



Cheerios 2

The Most Disturbing Aristocrats Joke Ever

50 Impressions in 50 Seconds

The Joker Practices his Scar Story


That Cartoon Show:

The Hangover 2

Lost: The Final Episode

Orangey Os


Special features:

Interviews on the origins of Doug Walker’s characters

Bloopers for Teddy Ruxbin, Alone in the Dark, Spooning with Spoony, Captain Planet, Lori Prince

Outtakes/Alternate Takes on some of the answers from ‘Ask That Guy with the Glasses’

The original Cheerios 2 sketch from high school

All new commentaries on 6 of the videos


How’s the visual quality?

Because some of these videos were done so long ago they were not always saved at the highest quality, thus a few of them are not as clear as the majority (and one or two even have the logo at the bottom).  Also due to a technical difficulty, the Bum Reviews that were in widescreen and the cartoons have been cropped, but unless you really need to see the “P” and the “Y” in the “Paranormal Activity” title, you’re not missing much.  The quality is good on the majority of the videos and all of them look far clearer than online.


How long is the DVD?

All the videos added up equal well over 6 hours.


Have the videos been altered at all?

Some copyrighted material has been taken out, but luckily the videos on this DVD had very little.